Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miscarriage Prevention - How to Prevent Miscarriages From Ever Happening Again!

By Jamie Annie Adams Platinum Quality Author

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Miscarriage Prevention
Miscarriages happen for a variety reasons and are a very unfortunate as well as sad occurrences. There are many things you can do to help limit your risk of a miscarriage.
Keep Toxin Free
You should not consume anything that is synthetic or artificial. Food additives such as MSG, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring have been shown to cause miscarriages. They are not natural and our body does not know how to break them down properly. There is also a compound that is found in plastic bottles, cups, and bowls, called Bisphenol A or BPA; this compound not only can cause miscarriages but low sperm count in men.
One of the most commonly used cooking devices, non-stick pans, can also lead to complications during conception and pregnancy. The reason for this is that these pans contain a compound call Teflon. Not only are many people allergic to Teflon, but it is a synthetic compound your body cannot break down. It is best to cook foods naturally in pans you can clean yourself, and not worry about this ever happening to you, or your baby.
It is best to avoid fast, unhealthy food, and anything that is not organic. Non-organic foods hold less nutrients and vitamins that the body needs while you are pregnant. Remember, cooking raw foods, such as vegetables and fruits removes the necessary nutrients, proteins and minerals our bodies need. So make sure you eat plenty of raw, organic food daily.
Avoid Medical Fertility
Fertility drugs and invitro-Fertilization (IVF) increase your chances of have ectopic pregnancies. This occurs when the fertilized egg latches on to the fallopian tubes or somewhere other than the uterus. These types of pregnancies are painful both physically, causing extreme stress on the body, and emotionally as you cannot carry them to term. It is best to get pregnant naturally. Organic vitamins, minerals and ointments are great for the body, and often help stimulate your ability to conceive and maintain a healthy baby.
Miscarriages and Diet
Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables give your body the nutrients that it needs to help prevent miscarriages. Not only that, but after conception, your baby needs all these to grow. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and healthy is also something to remember.
Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine, because consuming these will increase your chances of miscarriage. Other things to avoid are seafood, raw meats, and poultry as they harbor harmful bacteria that can be dangerous not only to you but the baby as well. Your baby receives everything you put in your body, so eat healthy for yourself and the baby.
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Recommended Reading
Easy & scientific solutions for miscarriage & infertility
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